Lever Triomphal: the interpreting experts

Lever Triomphal in brief

Our team is motivated, autonomous and responsible. We are keen on work well done, on details and figures. At Lever Triomphal you will receive our full attention and total availability.

We aim to facilitate communications between active people: professional partners, work colleagues, salesmen… We are competent as regards both public and private sector, and, what is more, sole traders.

We really take our interpreter’s role to heart. We give priority to a detailed organisation of the events which will mark your company’s life.

With our wide knowledge of national and international institutions, we have a solution that is absolutely tailore-made for you.

With our assistance, you will achieve a way of communicating that opens up new horizons for you and allows you to overcome linguistic barriers.

Are you organising an event? Ask us for an estimate. We will send you our best offer as soon as possible.

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Lever Triomphal: your interpreting partner

Ethics Code

An interpreter must respect the Professional Ethics Code of the AIIC (Professional Conference Interpreters Worldwide), version 2009, while discharging his/her professional duties. Any confidential information must be kept strictly secret at all times.