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Simultaneous interpreting:

At the events such as conferences or forums involving large multilingual delegations, we offer booth interpreting with earphones and headsets, providing real-time rendering of the speaker’s contribution in the listener’s language.

Whispered interpreting:

At a meeting with one or two persons, we whisper into the listener’s ear, enabling him/her to understand the speaker.

Consecutive interpreting:

The interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes and then renders what he or she has said once it is finished. This type of interpreting makes it possible to establish a detailed picture and is often used by public figures such as politicians.

Liaison interpreting:

At talks or contract negotiations, the interpreter translates what the speaker has said after each contribution. This form of interpreting is appreciated by businessmen, politicians and experts in any field of activity.


Technical equipment

Modern and efficient technologies at your projects’ service! Lever Triomphal has all the necessary equipment to make your event a complete linguistic project: multimedia projectors, screens, audiosystems, wireless microphones, LCD screens and audio- and video-recording equipment…

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Ethics Code

An interpreter must respect the Professional Ethics Code of the AIIC (Professional Conference Interpreters Worldwide), version 2009, while discharging his/her professional duties. Any confidential information must be kept strictly secret at all times.